European Security Blogger Awards

The European Security Blogger Awards

The European Security Blogger Awards The 2016 European Security Blogger Awards presented by Info Security Europe will be taking place in London at The Pillar Hall, Olympia at 17:30 on Wednesday the 8th of of June. The Email laundry are … Read More

Phishing- Evolution of an analogy- Phishing User Training

Phishing- or social engineering through electronic communications has evolved at an incredible rate. So much so that it is difficult to keep users updated on what we mean when we say Phishing. Originally people would have thought one was referring … Read More

Science Gallery Trinity College Dublin

FIDO Alliance Seminar at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin

Infosecurity Ireland is delighted to announce that it is partnering with the US-based FIDO Alliance by holding a free seminar for companies in Ireland on the FIDO standards of online authentication as part of their May 2015 Plenary meeting in … Read More


Information Security: Accessing the Talent Pool

An ongoing challenge in business is the shortage of skilled ICT people, and information security is no exception.  However the infosecurity area is special in one regard—organisations often don’t realise that they need them.  So we have to differentiate between … Read More

Putting a price on reputational risk – PixAlert

Corporate reputation is fragile and businesses are highly vulnerable to anything that challenges or damages it.  Most businesses appreciate the benefits that are derived from having a strong, positive reputation and the perception their product holds as a valued commodity … Read More

SMBs need more security savvy – PixAlert

A recent study conducted by Ipsos Reid has revealed that small businesses do not fully realise the impact of a data security breach and as a result are not adequately safeguarding sensitive and confidential customer information. In particular, many US small businesses … Read More

Identity Management and Biometrics

Our identity is key to securing information so the ability to securely establish our identity and create trust has become critical. Whether we are moving through an airport, crossing a border, registering to vote or conducting a financial transaction, the … Read More

The Advanced Persistent Threat

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks have become a hot topic in the information security community, especially since the revelation by Google in December 2009 that it had been the victim of a targeted attack originating from China. This incident was … Read More