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Extinction Level Attacks: A survival guide

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Contain and survive a high-impact attack
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As the digital world becomes weaponised, It is no longer possible to overlook the reality of encountering an extreme, high-impact cyber attack. These events, extinction level attacks, are difficult to predict and have the ability to overcome sophisticated technology defences. The devastation that they can cause is profound and can leave some organisations on the brink of survival. Accepting the reality of extinction level attacks and planning for survival represents a cost-effective and pragmatic approach.

This executive summary, aimed at the C-Suite and Senior IT Professionals, offers a pragmatic approach that will help your security team:

  • Be better prepared to respond to an attack if, and when, it happens
  • Understand the unique role of information security in an extreme cyber attack
  • Identify gaps in core cyber hygiene
  • Assess the threat of a high end cyber attack
  • Manage through an attack and recover more effectively.

A framework for communicating a cyber attack

In support of this release, Andy Jones, Distinguished Analyst at the ISF, recently had a conversation with Dr Jason Nurse of the University of Kent. Andy and Jason share insights on communications good practice, common pitfalls and the importance of preparing a communications strategy before an attack happens. Listen to the conversation here >>

Contain and survive a high-impact attack
Download the executive summary