Richard Absalom

Principal Research Analyst

Richard Absalom is a Principal Analyst with the Research team. His work involves investigating, clarifying and sharing best practice with ISF Member organisations.


Richard has been with the ISF since 2016 and his research has provided insight into topics as varied as measuring security, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain security, artificial intelligence, security assurance, secure Agile development, mobile app security, and identifying future information risks for the flagship Threat Horizon report series. Always wanting to learn, he will investigate whatever ISF Members need help with. He also now supervises the quality of all Research products, providing an even wider view across many and varied topics around information security.

Richard has spent over fifteen years in the IT research industry: prior to joining the ISF, he led Ovum’s research into enterprise mobility, mobile security, BYOD and the consumerisation of IT.

Having earned a degree in French and History, Richard will also happily talk for hours about history ancient, modern and everywhere in between (in French if you let him – he needs the practice). And if you make the mistake of mentioning the football, be aware that the conversation will then be focused entirely and unapologetically through a pro-Liverpool FC lens.