Shreya Tiwari


Shreya works as a consultant for the Services team at the ISF.


Shreya’s role includes delivering cyber security solutions to various member and non-member organisations. She specialises in cyber awareness and detection consultancy, which helps mitigate threat and vulnerabilities throughout client networks.

Shreya has recently joined the ISF, prior to which she had taken the plunge into academia with a masters in Cyber Security Engineering from the University of Warwick.  She comes with Risk Consulting experience at KPMG. She has also worked at an international school in India as an educational consultant.

While studying Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology, Shreya understood the vastness of the scope of cyber security in all industries. However, she also noticed the scarcity of women in the domain. This was her main motivation to become a part of the few ‘Women in Cyber’. She now actively works to support young girls follow their dream in tech.

In her free time, Shreya enjoys travelling, painting and cooking. She is actively involved in several charities and non-profits in India. Her recent mantra is to be consistent at the gym and wishes to pursue it as passionately as her career in cyber security!