Information Security Courses

University College Dublin (UCD)

Course: Digital Investigation & Forensic ComputingType:  Master’s Degree
Course Description
The MSc in Digital Investigation & Forensic Computing is designed for information technology specialists who need to acquire skills for the prevention and investigation of computer-related incidents.Modules include:

  • Computer Forensic Foundations
  • Law for IT Investigators
  • Application Forensics
  • Investigative Techniques
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Information Security
  • Digital Investigation Project
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 Queens University

Course: Cyber SecurityType:  Master’s Degree
Course Description
The MSc offers students a syllabus informed by the world-class research in the areas of data, network, media and physical security, being undertaken at Queen’s University Belfast’s Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT).

Modules include:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Cyber Security
  • Intelligent Information Systems
  • Malware
  • Media Security
  • Network Security and Monitoring
  • Software Assurance
  • Applied Cryptography
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University of Limerick

Course: Information & Network SecurityType:  Master’s Degree
Course Description
  • Cryptography & security fundamentals
  • Cryptographic Mathematics
  • Multimedia communications and networking infrastructures
  • Programming languages
  • Software engineering methodologies
  • Data forensics
  • Biometrics
  • Communication & cryptographic security protocols
  • Network & Host Security operation
  • Web-based applications
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Waterford IT

Course:  Computer Forensics & Security                               Type: Bachelor’s Degree
Course Description
The BSc (Hons) in Computer Forensics & Security is a 4 year honours degree course equipping graduates with the specialised skills and knowledge needed to secure, monitor, and examine electronic crime scenes and digital environments.Computer forensics is the application of the scientific method to digital media in order to establish factual information for judicial review. This process often involves investigating through website for computer systems to determine whether they are or have been used for illegal or unauthorised activities.
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Letterkenny IT

Course:  MSc – Systems & Software SecurityType:  Master’s Degree
Course Description
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Secure Programming Environments
  • Security Threats & Countermeasures
  • Computer Security & Cryptography
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Security Threats & Countermeasures
  • Secure Programming Environments
  • Computer Security and Cryptography
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IT Blancharstown

Course:  Digital Forensics & CybersecurityType:  Bachelor’s Degree
Course Description
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Computer Systems
  • Networking Basics
  • Web Development
  • Algorithmic Problem Solving
  • Computer Architecture
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Routers and Routing Basics
  • LAN Switching and Wireless
  • Operating Systems (Client)
  • GUI Programming
  • Information Technology Mathematics
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • WAN Technologies
  • Operating Systems (Server)
  • Advanced Programming
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Web Applications
  • Computer & Network Forensics
  • Secure Communications
  • Data Mining for Information Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Security
  • Enterprise System Security
  • Secure Programming
  • Mobile Device Forensics
  • Business Continuity Lifestyle Pharmacy , Disaster Recovery and IT Governance
  • Application Security
  • Security in Cloud Computing
  • Advanced Network Security
  • Biometrics & Forensics Applications
  • Information Retrieval & Text Processing
  • Software Engineering and Testing
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Course:  MSc in Cyber Security (ONLINE)Type:  Master’s Degree
Course Description
  • This course is aimed at graduates with a technical background who are new entrants to the field of Cyber Security or those currently working in this specialist area who want to perfect, update or hone their skill level and receive recognition at Masters level for their competence.
  • With Ireland bidding to remain a centre of excellence in cyber security there is a growing focus on training the next generation of cybersecurity experts. This part-time Cyber Security MSc (Level 9 on the NFQ) is an outstanding opportunity for anyone looking to expand or start their career by learning a range of crucial security skill sets. The course is delivered by Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, (ITB) spread over two years and delivered entirely online.
  • The graduates of this programme will be independent learners, good problem solvers and experienced researchers.
  • This course is delivered for Technology Ireland with financial support from Skillnets.
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