Information Security White Papers

Infosecurity: A Board Matter – Threats and Countermeasures

A Whitepaper for Senior Manager

Information security is increasingly becoming a matter for boards and senior management, not just the IT department. It is a complex issue because technology now pervades every layer of an organisation. Consequently, addressing security needs the co-operation of all parts of a business. Recent high-profile data breaches are helping to push the issue to the top of many boards’ agendas. Making a case for more investment in security, therefore, must be seen in terms of business risk and not just technology threats.

Aberdeen Group Report: The State of IT (In)Security, and How to Avoid Costs by Investing More

In a study of more than 160 worldwide organizations, Aberdeen founds that respondents  spend an annual total of $2,150,000 in IT Security related activities: $870,000 invested in their IT Security initiatives, plus an additional $1,280,000 in costs related to IT Security incidents that were not avoided in spite of these investments.

Survey of ISI members Summer 2016

A survey of members of InfoSecurity Ireland was conducted by CIRCA Group Europe Ltd. from 2 June to 23 Sept 2016. The initial survey was distributed to the emails of 229 ISI members through the SurveyMonkey software system on 2 June 2016. Each member received an email in advance from ISI setting out the purpose of the survey and requesting their views.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation law will come into force in 2017, increasing penalties and fines on companies which fail to protect data adequately, are subject to a breach and or simply do not comply. It is deemed to be amongst the world’s most stringent data laws and companies would be best served to take notice and do so quickly as the potential consequences of this first real overhaul of European data legislation are enormous. Read More

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